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America’s “The Beautiful”

TweetAmerica’s “The Beautiful” A poem by: Elsbeth Poe Closing your eyes You hear a blonde With blue eyes American born and raised California Valley girl One nation, “Oh my God!” Where women are invisible Without a body deemed pleasant for all You have no excuse The sun’s up there to lighten your hair To darken [...]
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The Fulfiller of Expectations

TweetShe’s not asking for the attention of the holy order of stoners and slashers when she walks with contemplation or dances without reservation in consonance with her stimulation. She’s got nature’s approbation as the fulfiller of the expectations for rain and laughter. Tweet
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Reading a Magazine on my Lunch Break

TweetSacrifice your dignity on the altar of eternal beauty, one more treatment and you’ll be just perfect, darling. Lose a couple pounds and then you’ll be just right. All the beauty clichés your mother whispered in your baby ears about skin deep beauty in the eye of the beholder; the beholder is a man and [...]
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Paper-mache Princess.

TweetWork starts at nine. Not enough light to blend this illusion, Not enough time. I blend just enough to be effortless, But not so much that I’m revealed. My pale skin hiding beneath the layers, Waiting to be accepted, not to be concealed. I live as these other people, Laminated, polished and frozen. But somehow [...]
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I belong to no one

spousal abuse is universal. We can end it by raising the awareness.
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