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The price of equal work, unequal pay

Tweet“It’s not that I don’t want to have children, it’s that I’m afraid that I’ll never be able to afford them,” said a friend of mine a few days ago in a conversation in our Women’s and Gender Studies seminar on Mothers and Daughters. This week in class, we’ve been reading a book called The [...]
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The march backwards: Women’s rights at risk in Europe

TweetSpain is about to criminalise abortion; politicians in the UK repeatedly attempt to reduce the 24-week limit; and yesterday in Brussels (Thurs, Apr 10), a Parliamentary hearing discussed a European Citizens’ initiative that if successful would block European Commission (EC) development funding for maternal health. Working for sexual and reproductive health charity, Marie Stopes International, [...]
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I hope Dianne Feinstein is emotional about torture

TweetCross-posted at Of Means and Ends. When was the last time you heard a male politician described as “emotional”? Discussions about John Boehner’s propensity for crying notwithstanding, it’s pretty rare that you will hear much discussion about a male leader’s emotions. “Emotional” is a heavily gendered term that isn’t used to invoke the possibility that feelings may [...]
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Elections in Zimbabwe: A Threat to Women

TweetZimbabwe’s history is complex. As the vast majority of African nations, this country (formerly known as Rhodesia) declared independence from the United Kingdom on 11 November 1965, then renamed and finally self-governed as Zimbabwe on 18 April 1980. Currently, is placed as number 172 in the Human Development Index and has been ruled by Robert Mugabe since 1980. Eager [...]
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Hillary Clinton being a boss (video)

Tweet History will look at Hillary Clinton as someone who never gave up and continued to succeed, despite being knocked down over and over again. She will be seen as a polarizing trailblazer who finally found her voice — leading to eventual success as First Lady, Senator, and Secretary of State. Once in positions of [...]
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