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Divergent Movie Turns Fear of Intimacy into Fear of Rape

Tweet(This should be evident from the title, but in an abundance of caution: this post contains Divergent spoilers.) This week, we two YA fantasy aficionado feminists went to see the movie adaptation of Veronica Roth’s Divergent which exceeded our expectations by maintaining the powerful female lead, Tris (compare the vastly diminished Clary of the City of [...]
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Where the Dykes Are: My Favorite Lesbian Characters

TweetYes I’m going to be paraphrasing the fabulous writer Susan J. Douglas here, with a sprinkle of Nostalgia Chick. The title you see is a reference to Douglas’s seminal book Where the Girls Are which talks about Baby Boomer women and the pop culture they grew up with.  I care to present the fictional characters [...]
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Michael Bublé: Endearing lecher or sexist pig?

TweetCan I be the only one who was put off by some of Michael Bublé’s comments at the recent 2013 Canadian Juno awards?  I’ve hesitated writing this, but the idea just won’t let me go.  I’ve been a long-time fan of the internationally renowned Canadian crooner, but after his remarks, I’m having a difficult time [...]
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Occupy Carlton

TweetSwitched at Birth may not be on your great-television radar. It’s an ABC Family drama series about two teenage girls who discover, of course, that they were switched at birth. One of the girls, Bay, has grown up in a rich white family and is hearing; the other, Daphne, has been raised by a struggling [...]
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Missing “Downton Abbey”? Try Fay Weldon’s “Habits of the House”

TweetLet’s face it: you’re addicted. You can’t live without it. When you’re not actually enjoying it, you’re longing to savor it again. You’d be ashamed to admit how many waking moments you’ve devoted to obsessing about it. I’m not talking about drugs, kinky sex or even double chocolate layer cake. I’m taking about Downton Abbey. [...]
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