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Singin’ the praises of American Idol season 12’s all-female finale

This undoubtedly sends a message to the recesses of girls’ and women’s minds that their bodies, whatever size and shape, are beautiful vessels in which they can do amazing things.
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Why Dove’s “Real Beauty Sketches” Can Do Better

TweetYesterday, Dove launched a new addition to its ongoing Real Beauty campaign. “Real Beauty Sketches” features a social experiment in women’s perceptions of themselves. In the video, a forensic artist draws as women describe their own faces. He then listens to acquaintances describe the same women. He creates two sketches: one the women helped to create themselves, [...]
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Out of wedlock: A single person’s take on marriage equality

TweetLast fall, I had the benefit of watching one of my oldest friends get married. The wedding was beautiful, fun and everything one might hope for in a good party. It took place in upstate New York, and since marriage equality had been passed recently in our state, it seemed as if all guests celebrated [...]
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Navigating a culture of sexual objectification

Tweet…is something 52% of the population must do, daily. In fact, it’s something 100% of the population must do daily, but 48% (probably) don’t internalise it as self-image. Although…I’m sure there are tribes that never see any mainstream media, and people who don’t leave their houses or have a television or have the internet…. I [...]
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Women geeks artists create 1st WiredArtsFest and it supports repro rights!

Tweetby Cindy Cooper The first-ever WiredArtsFest may be the future of theater — live performance on stage in New York, captured by four film cameras, and simultaneously broadcast over the Internet to people everywhere by live streaming technology. And if this is the future, it’s finally looking good for women. Thirteen performing companies are participating in the WiredArtsFest, [...]
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