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Women in Pornography: Annabel & Grace

TweetI was first introduced to Sex: The Annabel Chong Story in the second year of my Film Studies degree in a week titled The Pornography Debates, part of the segment on gender representation. Now that I choose to write about gender in culture I regret not plunging myself into full engagement with the course; but despite my [...]
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10 Things You Never Thought You Could Learn from Kim Hall’s Letter to Teenage Girls

TweetKimberley Hall is a mom who wrote a blog post in the form of a letter to her sons’ female friends who were posting sexual pictures of themselves on social media outlets. This letter went viral. I posted it on my Facebook account and I have never received such a huge response to a post [...]
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An open letter to pornography

TweetDear Pornography, We need to talk. It’s not you, and it’s not me. It is, in fact, them*. Similarly to the way nudity has been ruined by its brazenly fascist packaging in the media, as described a couple of weeks ago, in theory: you’re alright, Porn. You are not ‘wrong’. (Can I call you Porn?) [...]
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Pinterest or Pornterest? The Sexualization of Latinas Online.

TweetI admit it. I have an addiction.  My addiction keeps me awake for hours when I should be sleeping, and it distracts me when my boyfriend is telling me a story. As much as I loathed the fact that my parents would frustratedly joke that they should’ve named me “Xiomara Internet Maldonado,” I have to [...]
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‘Nu Feminism’ by Katie Service

TweetMake-Up Artist, writer, beauty blogger and singer Katie Service assisted me for nearly 2 years and is now the right-hand lady to International Beauty Director of Vogue Asia Pacific, Kathy Phillips. ‘The Nu Feminism’ by Katie Service The best thing about having a Kindle is that no one knows what you’re reading.  I was given [...]
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