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Young, and restless, to bring lasting change

TweetCross-posted from UN Women It all started with a visit to a rural Indian village. Sanchaita Gajapati Raju draws inspiration from her mother, who from a very young age instilled in her a deep civic sense and encouraged her to help those less fortunate. On a visit to an impoverished village, Sanchaita noted the lack [...]
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Dear Newt Gingrich

TweetDear Newt Gingrich, I am an Americorps VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America – a federally funded program started by John F. Kennedy) at South Atlanta High School. I teach two AP US History classes, tutor, manage a caseload of 40 boys as an “academic coach,” and serve as needed in the myriad ways help [...]
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News From The Tropics: Is There Feminism In The Philippines?

TweetI’m a Filipina feminist. I have reason to believe, Google-proven reasons to be exact, that this is not a common statement. Feminism is not as strong a movement in the Philippines as in the United States. Young ladies are more likely to follow the works of Kris Aquino, celebrity sister of the current president, than [...]
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(Rich, White) Women and Children First!

When I saw the cover of this homeschooling (christian) catalog, I knew I was in for a doozy. The cover features two cute white children on the deck of the Titanic with the words "Women and Children First!" above them.
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The Problem with Charity

A few months ago, the blogger Tami, wrote a blog post on Feministe that got me thinking. The post was entitled "Marginalized folks shouldn't always have to be "the bigger persons'." Tami argued that in situations where someone is being racist, the receiptent of that -ism has the right to be angry and upset---one can't always be so nice and gently let the other person know they are in fact, being a jerk.
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