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Which Side are You On? Moving Beyond Gender Wars

TweetIn recent times I’ve noticed a lot of people using ‘feminist’ as a derogatory slur. This is somewhat perplexing because as John Scalzi points out in his blog post ‘To the Dude bro that thinks he’s insulting me by calling me a feminist’, a feminist is someone who thinks that women deserve the same rights [...]
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Don’t apologize for your privilege, do something about it

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends. I was at a progressive political event recently and got into a conversation with a young white man who had been thrown off by a presenter’s comment about white male privilege. “I don’t discriminate against anyone,” he said (a whole other issue to examine), and he couldn’t grasp the [...]
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A response to “18 Things Females Seem To Not Understand (Because, Female Privilege)”

TweetIf this is a satire piece, dear God, it’s a good one. I stumbled across this little gem while on Tumblr, once again spending my time blogging and not really doing anything of importance. Once I saw it, I immediately knew I had to write some kind of response or parody to it. If this article really [...]
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The entitlement of “good guys”

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends Last week’s episode of This American Life kicked off with a prologue about Ben Calhoun’s attempt to use his friend’s tactic of getting a “good guy” discount when he goes shopping. This basically amounts to saying “I’m a good guy, you’re a good guy, how about a discount?” and apparently it [...]
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Sh*t people say to other people

TweetI have been thinking a lot about this whole youtube phenomenon that seems to have exploded recently.  I watched the “Shit white girls say to black girls” about a week ago and it definitely struck a chord with me.  I’m a white girl and I can, (sadly), admit that I am guilty of saying some [...]
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