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Mexico’s public funds used to run prostitution networks: Gutiérrez de la Torre

TweetPolitics in Mexico have a particular way of functioning. Politicians do as they please, act without fear or accountability for their actions, and benefit from public positions in a society characterized by impunity, corruption, influence peddling and illicit enrichment. It may seem that political positions are used to favour powerful individuals, instead of focusing on [...]
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Building Bridges: The Sex Workers’ Rights and Anti-Sex Trafficking Movements

Tweet“We’ve been told we have to pick sides. That, in and of itself, is very disturbing” – Meg Munoz, former sex worker, trafficking survivor, ally and rights advocate A division exists between the sex workers’ rights and anti-sex trafficking movements. Yet, both groups are concerned with people who are in the same industry and both [...]
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Some rescue: The FBI’s dubious war on street girls

TweetThe FBI recently announced with great fanfare that it had “rescued” 105 youth and arrested 150 “pimps” for prostitution in 76 cities, including Boston, Denver, and San Francisco. The three-day raid, dubbed “Operation Cross Country,” was the largest in a decade-long FBI initiative aimed at what they called the persistent threat of child prostitution. But [...]
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The Problem with Demi and Ashton

TweetAs I walked into the dining center today, I was asked to take a picture with a sign that said, ‘Real Men Don’t Buy Girls’- a sign that, I later found out, is for the Demi and Ashton foundation, against human trafficking and sex work. Being the feminist I am, I obliged immediately- taking only [...]
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Whorin’ Ain’t Easy

TweetIn pop culture, a whore is demonized — she’s a woman who sells her body for money, a prostitute. She’s promiscuous and immoral. She’s unclean — she’s a dirty whore, a filthy whore. She’s damaged goods and the opposite of virgin. It’s a bad thing to “whore yourself out” or to be anyone’s bitch. A [...]
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