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Why not adopt an Abusive Personality Disorder diagnosis?

TweetLike many anti-domestic violence activists I too believe that domestic violence is not an individual problem but a community problem that requires the support of the whole community to bring to an end. What I propose as a new solution to this problem it the adoption for Abusive Personality Disorder to be accepted by the mental [...]
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Narcissism is a Feminist Issue

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Narcissism pervades our culture at an epidemic level. We feminists need to learn to identify it and call it out when we see it, because it underlies most (if not all) of the social issues we tackle. Abuse, economic injustice, racism, distorted body image, and rape culture – to name just [...]
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Should social workers reveal their sexual identity to clients?

TweetMy first reaction to the question I’ve posed in the title of this piece is that it’s a ridiculous question. It’s based on completely heteronormative thinking, to say that LGBTQ social workers have to even consider this question, when straight social workers clearly don’t have to consider whether they should “reveal” their sexuality to clients. [...]
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Some Feminist “Props” for Jessica from the ASA

TweetThis Article was recently published by the American Sociological Association (ASA). I listened to this discussion at the Pacific Sociological Association (PSA) in 2009. Kudos to Jessica, they give her props right off the bat. I think they should go a step further and just say she is awesome http://contexts.org/articles/summer-2010/is-hooking-up-bad-for-young-women/ Tweet
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