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The entitlement of “good guys”

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends Last week’s episode of This American Life kicked off with a prologue about Ben Calhoun’s attempt to use his friend’s tactic of getting a “good guy” discount when he goes shopping. This basically amounts to saying “I’m a good guy, you’re a good guy, how about a discount?” and apparently it [...]
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Nostrand Station

Tweet Brooklyn—Nostrand station, broad daylight. Above ground, overgrown beards or red lipstick holds shaggy hipsters together like central connective tissue. Pinterest-worthy succulents sit in renovated windows, watching abandoned couches decay in the empty lot below. Black and white elbows rub and clank through charming coffee shops or dingy corner stores. Trash bags line the street, [...]
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At the intersection of privilege and college admissions: An apology of a former Abigail Fisher

TweetIn retrospect, it would seem obvious that I, as the daughter of two upper middle-class liberals, growing up in an isolated suburban liberal hamlet, would become a racist. I was not the White Supremacist flavor of racist, but I was a more subtle (and thus more dangerous) varietal of racist. I did not understand my [...]
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Election 2012: The American Dream

TweetCross Posted on Saira Says Barack Obama embodies the American Dream, in every way. The same dream that has brought millions upon millions to this country year after year– the dream of achieving a better future. Barack Obama was born in Hawaii to a white woman, Ann Dunham, and a black man, Barack Obama Sr., in 1961. [...]
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I am this African Girl

Tweet A SYTYCB entry No need to know my name, as though you will ever pronounce it correctly. Instead you will mock it with laughter and claim that it’s too exotic for this country. Yet I am expected to know and pronounce all your names correctly. I am this African Girl, in my early twenties, straddling two worlds and [...]
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