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How Not to Confuse “Rape” With a Fun Slang Word

Tweet*TRIGGER WARNING—talk of sexual assault in terms of fact patterns* Over the last few years, I’ve seen a lot of misuses of the word “rape,” from everyone from teenage boys trying to sound cool as they navigate their identities in our dysfunctional sexual culture to hysterical, possibly well-meaning anti-sex types using the word in a [...]
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Thoughts on Consent

TweetConsent (as a Concept) is Necessary The argument that consent is a necessary social human construct is brilliant because it is solid.  The argument is solid because it gives every human their humanity.  It gives every human agency.  It empowers every human.  If the boundary of consent is overstepped it inevitably leads to dehumanization, victimization, [...]
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A response to George Will, from the 1 in 5

TweetTrigger warning: rape. Thank you, Mr. Will. Your opinion piece in the Washington Post, a heinously misogynistic and condescending treatment of sexual assault on college campuses, finally forced me to confront and label my own rape. That young woman whose story you derided, whose “coveted status” as a surivior you called into question? She was [...]
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It Shouldn’t Have to be This Way

TweetTRIGGER WARNING: This content deals with an account of sexual assault and may be triggering to some people. I have been quiet about this for far too long. At school, at home, out with friends, and even from my own family members, the issue of rape is treated lighter than I wish. A few times [...]
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Why I Never Told

Tweet*TRIGGER WARNING—talk of sexual assault, with some detail* I am so heartened by the strides we are making as a culture right now. Rape culture is becoming a topic of conversation–we are calling it out and working toward eradicating it. The trolls are out, of course, but I truly feel we are taking steps toward [...]
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