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I can take a joke. Can YOU take a HINT?

TweetHi. My name is Laralee. I am a feminist. I am also a rape survivor. Many women that I’ve met in the community come to feminism after an assault. They want to know why they were raped. They want to know the sociological and psychological reasons for being raped, the reasons for the very existence [...]
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A man walks into a bar…

Tweet“A man walks into a bar…” Every joke can be a setup for a rape joke. When rape victims turn on their TVs, they face a strong possibility of being confronted with reminders of one of the worst experiences of their lives. What’s worse, these experiences are likely to be laughed at. Rape jokes are [...]
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“I Can Run Faster Horny Than You Can Scared”

Tweet*Unfortunately, this is a t-shirt being sold online at http://www.betterthanpants.com/i-can-run-faster-horny-than-you-can-scared-shirt.html. And hurry to buy today! The site is having a 1 day only sale so you can pick this t-shirt up for $9.99! RAPE JOKES ARE NEVER FUNNY. Why does this need to be repeated? Does this need to be taught like a grade school [...]
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