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Hold the Jubilation: Delhi gang-rape and what it means for women’s place in society

TweetOn Friday September 13th 2013 when four men convicted of brutally raping a young woman in Delhi in December 2013, were sentenced to death by hanging, the announcement was met with widespread jubilation. In December (and indeed even now as an NYTimes article points out http://www.nytimes.com/2013/09/14/world/asia/4-sentenced-to-death-in-rape-case-that-riveted-india.html?ref=global-home) many thought that death by hanging was too soft [...]
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Richard Cohen’s Problematic Take on the Stubenville Rape and Cyrus’ VMA Performance

TweetWhen you start a discussion about a rape case that ended in conviction, with “so-called rape” and then specify that “it was not a rape involving intercourse,” you set yourself up as someone who doesn’t understand, in the least, the concept of rape or the right a person has to the sanctity of their bodies. [...]
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Healing unseen wounds in Mogadishu

TweetCross-posted from UN Women “I was alone,” remembers 14-year-old Hoda*, recalling that evening in January 2013. “My father is a police officer, and he was working that night.” Hoda was in the bathroom preparing for bed, while two armed men quietly broke into her house. A man of 75 years and his son then hid [...]
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Mexico’s Pending War against Rape

Tweet (Trigger Warning) Of the many problems my country faces, violence is undeniably the worst of all. Nonetheless, not all problems make it to the headlines as frequently as others, such as the cases of rape. And if they do make it to the headlines, it’s often by judging characters and not the root causes [...]
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Demanding Justice for Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge

TweetCross-posted from UN Women As the United Nations Security Council adopts a new resolution on conflict-related sexual violence today, we detail the efforts of a UN Trust Fund-supported programme that works to ensure that sexual and gender-based violence perpetrated by the Khmer Rouge during the 1974-1979 genocide in Cambodia is never forgotten. “I buried my [...]
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