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Four responses to how Martha Raddatz posed the abortion question

Tweet When Martha Raddatz asked the vice-presidential candidates an abortion question framed in terms of religion, I bolted forward. (See video, transcript.) Many others have expressed frustration with Raddatz for framing the question this way. But she did, and others do too, so how should we respond? I see four options: Some people of faith are [...]
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Touchy thoughts on Romney, politics, and religion in one post

TweetI feel compelled to start this post of by noting that ordinarily I am hesitant to the point of paralysis to criticize someone else’s religious beliefs. Having said that, I am now going to criticize someone else’s religious beliefs – Mitt Romney’s, in fact. These criticisms are based on my experience alone, but I do [...]
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Why your religion has nothing to do with abortion: One outraged Virginian’s perspective

TweetIf you’ve been following the conservative assault on reproductive rights, then you might know that Virginia recently suffered a right-wing takeover that threatens to shut down almost every single abortion clinic in the state. It’s been summarized well by news outlets, so if you’d like to read up on it, I refer you to here [...]
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Of Catholic Nuns and Punk Prayers

TweetAn order of women trained to give of themselves in the name of their God and obey a male hierarchy which is supposed to represent “His” will, challenges and defies their superiors in the name of the true meaning of love and charity, and in the name of their earthly conscience. A small group of [...]
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So, What Color is Your Skin?

TweetWith February coming to an end, so ends Black History month. No longer will we be forced to see annoying blogs and Facebook statuses complaining about the lack of a White History month (Seriously, guys? Every history class is White History). People of color and their contributions have systematically been eradicated from general American history, [...]
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