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Plan B for All

TweetLast night’s NYTarticle  article on Obama’s Plan B decision flooded my facebook homepage, twitter and email. This news is undoubtedly, a huge step forward for reproductive rights and progress for girls and women of all ages and colors. A recent conversation with some lovely and wonderful, also evangelical conservative family, left me with pause on [...]
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Three must-reads for International Women’s Day

TweetFull disclosure: I grew up with a mom who gave me book after book about powerful women. She was intent on cultivating my feminism (and love of historical books) from an early age. It worked. I love historical and inspirational books about women. And I spend my days working at an international nonprofit focused on reproductive [...]
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Why your religion has nothing to do with abortion: One outraged Virginian’s perspective

TweetIf you’ve been following the conservative assault on reproductive rights, then you might know that Virginia recently suffered a right-wing takeover that threatens to shut down almost every single abortion clinic in the state. It’s been summarized well by news outlets, so if you’d like to read up on it, I refer you to here [...]
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We’re all free to choose

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“I’ve even known some women who have been raped.”

TweetA SYTYCB entry After suggesting that women who have experienced “legitimate rape” have “ways to try to shut that whole thing [pregnancy] down,” Todd Akin donated another gem to Claire McCaskill’s Senate campaign: “I’ve even known some women who have been raped and it’s a terrible, terrible thing.” Tweet
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