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Right-Wing Fabricates “Dangers” of Increased Access to Emergency Contraception

TweetBy Kelsey Peterson, cross posted from Eyes Right Blog The Justice Department recently decided to comply with a judge’s order to allow minors to purchase emergency contraception without a prescription or age restriction. While reproductive rights and justice groups applaud this progress for women’s health, antichoicegroups denounce the decision, also claiming to have women’s well-being in mind. Human Life [...]
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Plan B for All

TweetLast night’s NYTarticle  article on Obama’s Plan B decision flooded my facebook homepage, twitter and email. This news is undoubtedly, a huge step forward for reproductive rights and progress for girls and women of all ages and colors. A recent conversation with some lovely and wonderful, also evangelical conservative family, left me with pause on [...]
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Dear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party

TweetDear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party, You forced us to choose between keeping a larger portion of our paycheck or keeping the right to our own reproductive health.  You made us choose between fiscal reform or denying the civil liberties of others in order to adhere to your religious agenda. You made us choose [...]
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Is Women for Obama limiting our feminist imagination?

Tweet A SYTYCB entry I’ve got to hand it to them: Women for Obama’s design team is pretty brilliant. This weekend, the campaign’s lady branch released some new ads, including this gorgeous image for gottaregister.com: Women for Obama presents the 2012 campaign as the latest step in a long, progressive feminist struggle. The juxtaposition of [...]
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Open Letter to Representative Trent Franks: What Caring About Women and Babies Really Looks Like

TweetDear Representative Trent Franks, Today, I watched you debate during the markup for HR 3803, or, as you may know it, the District of Columbia Pain-Capable Unborn Child Protection Act, which would ban abortion after 20 weeks in Washington, DC.  I watched you valiantly fight to save “the children” from their pain even in the [...]
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