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Abortion: Not Just A Statistic, But a Story.

Tweet At the Palais Des Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, 2009, Photo By Alabera An Ran Zhao It seems almost logical that I should write about abortion. This is a personal feminist blog and I have had two abortions. I’m somewhat comfortable talking about them. When I’m not, it isn’t because it’s too difficult for me [...]
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MPTs: Contraception Plus HIV & Other STI Prevention

TweetBecause approximately half of all pregnancies in the world are unintended and because Friday September 26th is World Contraception Day , an international collaboration of researchers, funders and women’s health advocates are releasing a video about a groundbreaking new field of female initiated prevention that blends contraceptive technologies with STI and HIV prevention. These broad [...]
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The War on Women: Alive & Well

TweetIt may be the 21st century, but don’t kid yourselves: the war on women is alive and well. And it’s about time that we stop ignoring it. Of course, the majority of people who read this will write it off as another “feminist rant,” or perhaps a list of outliers. But you see, that’s the [...]
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I was a Teenage Anti-Feminist: The Myth of the Neutral Middle Ground in Feminism

TweetI said a lot of shit when I was in my tender years that sounds disturbingly similar to the triumphant bleating of “religious freedom” enthusiasts in the wake of the Burwell v. Hobby Lobby ruling. The phrase, “socially liberal but fiscally conservative” probably featured on my MySpace page for a shameful amount of time. I have a [...]
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The Slippery Slope of “Religious” Freedom versus Human Rights

Tweet News of the result of the Burnwell v Hobby Lobby Stores case reached my ears at the worst possible moment, surrounded by staunch Republicans in the great state of South Carolina. I spent the week at home deflecting backhanded comments about those damn liberals and their slow and steady destruction of the America we know and [...]
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