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Domestic workers’ rights move closer to becoming reality worldwide

TweetAs the International Labour Organization Convention 189 on domestic work turns two years old, we offer a look at how governments, unions and the private sector, supported by UN Women, are working towards ensuring that this female-dominated profession is regulated and worker’s rights are protected. Cross-posted from UN Women According to the International Labour Organization [...]
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Dear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party

TweetDear Romney, Ryan and the Republican Party, You forced us to choose between keeping a larger portion of our paycheck or keeping the right to our own reproductive health.  You made us choose between fiscal reform or denying the civil liberties of others in order to adhere to your religious agenda. You made us choose [...]
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The Problem with Charity

A few months ago, the blogger Tami, wrote a blog post on Feministe that got me thinking. The post was entitled "Marginalized folks shouldn't always have to be "the bigger persons'." Tami argued that in situations where someone is being racist, the receiptent of that -ism has the right to be angry and upset---one can't always be so nice and gently let the other person know they are in fact, being a jerk.
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NYC Mutes, Ignores Sex-Crime Prevention Services

TweetThis past May, The Village Voice released audiotapes which revealed an alarming practice established by high-ranking officers in the NYPD: the manipulation of crime statistics through the purposeful mishandling of incidents and information and – even worse – the intimidation of victims. With the release of these tapes, several current and former police offers stepped [...]
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