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An ode to the Riot Grrl

TweetEvery woman should know about the riot grrl movement. It’s the most recent feminist movement (early 90′s), it’s the cultural companion to the third wave feminism, and it’s fronted by badass punk chicks. And badass punk chicks are cool. Up until the riot grrl movement and third wave feminism, feminism typically focused on an all-encompassing [...]
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Why is the mass media trying to turn Pussy Riot into sedated kittens?

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry. By now, I am sure that you have heard of Pussy Riot. Pussy Riot is a Russian radical feminist, irreverent punk rock music collective—recently in the news for three of its members being on trial, and now sentenced to two years in prison. Beautiful drawing, credit: Molly Crabapple. Pussy Riot–the band’s [...]
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