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We’re having the wrong conversation about sex work, and it makes Rush Limbaugh happy

TweetIn the United States, sex work has been illegal since promiscuous ladies still got Scarlet Lettered. But countries are moving towards legalizing the world’s oldest profession—and many women’s rights advocates aren’t happy about it. Just this month, the European Women’s Lobby called on the EU to make the act of buying sex illegal. To get [...]
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On the sexual double standard

Tweet Ain’t that the truth?! It seems quite impossible to deny the fact that the issue of abortion or contraception would be entirely different if men could become pregnant. I really truly believe abortion would not even be an issue in any election if it was not tied to women’s rights. It seems to be [...]
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Women who are sexually active are not ‘sluts’: stop trying to silence us!

TweetWhen Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut for standing up for the reproductive rights of women and access to affordable oral contraception, like many feminists I was, of course, furious. But the more I’ve thought about it, and I’ve stewed over it a lot the past couple of weeks, the more I shift my [...]
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So maybe it wasn’t the Worst Week Ever for women?

TweetLike most good Democrats and decent people with a uterus, I’ve been rather doom and gloom lately because of the garbage in the news. This week Virginia Gov. Bob McDonnell (R-Men and Millionaires) signed the law that made Virginia the eighth state to mandate ultrasounds before abortions. Progressive superhero Chellie Pingree announced she wouldn’t be [...]
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My Response to Rush Limbaugh

TweetRush Limbaugh is an ass who thinks that the more sex you have, the more birth control pills you need to take. He thinks women who need birth control are sluts and if the collective “we” has to pay for contraceptive care, then the collective “we” should get to watch videos of girls having sex. He [...]
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