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September 25, 1957: 55 Years Later

TweetFifty-five years ago today Little Rock Central High School was integrated. On May 17, 1954 the Supreme Court ruled on Brown v. Board of Education and ended de jure segregation. The ruling was protested by civilians and government officials. The outcry from white Americans was violent. It took nearly three years to start implementing the historic ruling. It’s important to [...]
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Marriage Equality: Why Obama’s Words Matter

TweetActions speak louder than words. This was the response of many gay rights activists in light of President Obama’s public endorsement of same-sex marriage. While it was a moving and courageous public stance on a socially charged issue, many proponents of marriage equality believed that the statement did very little in the legal nightmare revolving [...]
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It’s time to repeal D.O.M.A.

TweetIt seems that many people think that there is no reason that the issue of gay marriage should be a federal one. However, there are federal implications to DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act, which Congress passed in 1996) and the federal government’s refusal to recognize gay marriage. For instance, I have two very good friends [...]
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Bullying: I do not think the problem is what you think it is.

TweetAlternatively, “Adults and Cowardice.” One recent argument I heard against homosexual couples was that the children that gay couples might adopt would be harmed. A slew of studies have shown that this is not the case. As far as studies go, the most recent one was fairly scientifically rigorous: the measurement of social development and [...]
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