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Todd Akin and the American educational system

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry So I am sure everyone has heard about GOP senate hopeful Todd Akin’s rape doesn’t result in pregnancy statement. If you haven’t, there are a number of other posts on this site that summarize the statements very well so I’m not going to go into too much detail. These comments are [...]
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My story of vaginismus

TweetFair warning: the following post is about sex and is somewhat explicit. I can remember only one time in high school that I tried to wear a tampon. I grabbed one of my mom’s, sat on the toilet, and tried to put it in. It wouldn’t go. I remember it just felt tight and uncomfortable. [...]
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The Dirty Thing About Contraceptives

TweetDid you hear the one about condom companies placing their products in the back of hot trucks, causing holes to form in the latex before they arrive on store shelves? How about the link between birth control pills and breast cancer? Then there’s the one about Intrauterine Devices causing abortions. These are the myths abstinence-only [...]
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Sex Ed Trainings/Conferences

TweetOkay, I need help.  I’m a sex educator in the Western New York region and I’m looking for conferences and trainings in the surrounding area–NYC, New Jersey, Pennsylvania.  I’m having a hell of a time finding anything current and I was hoping you all could recommend some websites or organizations (or, better yet, upcoming conferences!). [...]
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Replying to more arguments regarding no-cost birth control

Tweet Since writing about birth control access last week, I’ve come across a few more arguments in the comments section of my WordPress blog/my OpenSalon blog that I’d like to address: Condoms aren’t that expensive, why not just use those? $50 isn’t that much money, you can easily forgo excesses and scrape together the money [...]
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