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Liberating Beauty: A Conversation with Sins Invalid’s Patty Berne

TweetThis piece originally appeared on D. Allen’s website, The Body Connected.  Last week I had the pleasure of talking with Patty Berne, director and co-founder of Sins Invalid, a Bay Area-based organization and performance project that centralizes artists from historically marginalized communities. If you are remotely interested in (A) disability justice, (B) sexy and smart performance [...]
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Displaced Ownership of Female Sexuality: The Case of the Purity Ball

TweetFrom virginity to marriage, we’ve historically witnessed the displaced ownership of women’s sexualities. Girls across the country participate in “purity balls” where they dress to the nines to pledge their virginities to their fathers. I wanted to write a piece critically assessing these purity balls, since they are an important part of our discussion of [...]
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A-Sexy Positivity

TweetThis post was originally published at http://runningtowardfeminism.wordpress.com/ for the June Carnival of Aces on the topic of sex positivity. My relationship to sex positivity has never been uncomplicated. Having identified as a feminist long before identifying as anything else, I find myself sending my younger sister unsolicited excerpts of Yes Means Yes: Visions of Female Sexual Empowerment and [...]
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My conflicted feelings about sub/dom relationships as a feminist

TweetSo, allow me to vent for a moment. First of all, I’m “new” to feminism. I hate saying that, because I feel like being a feminist isn’t something you adopt, it’s something ingrained in who you are, what you believe, and how you think from the moment you start cultivating your own personal opinions. However, [...]
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Imagine a world where everything was on a spectrum (biological sex included).

TweetThis past semester in college I decided to take Feminist Philosophy. I went in not knowing much about feminism despite the fact that I took an Intro to Women’s Studies class and a Sexualities class prior to this class. One day during class we talked about Nominalism, which in this context refers to the belief [...]
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