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Owning your pleasure

Tweet‘So I think one of the most radical things a girl can do is to own her body.’ Staceyann Chin   One could think nowadays it’s so common to talk about equality between sexes, every woman has heard the message and internalised it just a bit. This seems to be true, but there is still [...]
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Making them work for it: Overcoming the patriarchy of the dating game

TweetWhile on vacation recently with a good friend, I asked an intelligent and thoughtful guy we’d recently met if he would think less of a woman if she had sex with him on the first date.  Without hesitation he responded, “I expect [women] to make me work for it.” While I wish I could say [...]
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The Summer I Didn’t Shave My Legs

TweetI have tweezed, plucked, trimmed, and stroked myself with a razor. I have fought an unwinnable war, again and again, with the hair on my body. But for the first time this summer I asked myself the big question: “Why do I shave? Is it really a personal choice or a post-puberty expectation?” It started [...]
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Melissa Fabello: Body Image Vlogger, Editor for Everyday Feminism

TweetThis post by Aubrey Wallace originally appeared on Ravishly.com, an alternative news+culture site for women. Body positivity is Melissa Fabello’s forte. Whether she’s vlogging about eating disorders and the media or writing about sexual positivity, Fabello’s focus on self acceptance is nothing short of amazing. A sex educator with a Masters in Human Sexuality, she has a website, a vlog and is an [...]
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Til death do we part: Data’s problem with gender

TweetThe recent whirlwind of support of open data has many, including the European Commission, governments and analysts applauding a new era of ‘Data as Culture,’ where individual and collective data shadows track, stalk and cloak us throughout our lives. From the time we are born, we receive countless involuntary yet socially-necessary data assignments — from [...]
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