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Why an Australian Snickers ad is a kick up the vagina

TweetCross-posted at Miscellaneous Me. When I first saw the recent Australian Snickers advertisement online, I had no idea of what I was about to watch, presuming it to be a generic homemade video and not part of a corporate advertising campaign. The viral video was simply listed on an entertainment site as, “Aussie Builders Surprise Women With Loud Empowering Statements,” and was [...]
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Skinnygirl Wine: Commercials reinforcing beauty standards.

TweetMedia is an incredibly powerful social force that reinforces and constructs gender roles and standards of which we are heavily encouraged to conform to. When I saw the Skinnygirl Wine commercial I thought, “Well shit! This just exemplifies almost every beauty standard that women are subjected too!” The first issue that I have with this commercial, besides [...]
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Female college students, beware the slut-shaming

TweetThe walk of fame. The stroll of success. It seems that the stride of confidence across campus in the same clothes as the night before, ducking behind buses and bushes after spending the night with a member of the opposite sex is now considered a rite of passage and even an imminent fate for many [...]
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Olympic sexism

TweetThe fast-approaching Olympic Games should present a fantastic opportunity to combat sexist stereotypes by profiling talented and successful female athletes from around the world. With the release of a UK government report this week revealing that girls as young as 5 are worried about their appearance, and an Association of Teachers and Lecturers study showing [...]
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Super Sexism – Not Buying It

TweetUnlike most commercials, those that air during the Super Bowl are ones that people actually want to watch. These $3.5-million-per-30-second-time-slots can be opportunities for companies to be clever, maybe even inspiring … but instead, many insist on falling back on lazy and uninspired sexist clichés. This is so expected in fact, that MissRepresentation.org, a campaign [...]
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