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Google thinks men are people. Women are just women.

TweetRemember when “Googling” was a funny word, because the activity was such as strange and novel concept?  No?  Nope, neither do I.  Google knows all and sees all.  All hail the great arbiter of information! Try Googling something very general, such as “Men do stuff.”  Scroll down to the related searches field and you’ll see [...]
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“Sexual Violence” – What the ESRB thinks you don’t need to know

TweetIt’s no secret that sexualized depictions of violence against women are disturbingly rampant in video games.  But why?  Why has the industry become so bloated with games featuring brutalized women in skimpy clothing?  It’s gotten to the point of becoming the default story-telling option for characterizing a “bad guy” or establishing a “gritty” environment. Gaming [...]
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Gamergate, Feminist Frequency & Male Entitlement

TweetFor weeks I have been contemplating writing something about the issues that have come up in the gaming community.  Overall I was quite disconnected from the events, I somewhat felt like I was in Anchor Man yelling “LOUD NOISES” to keep up with the protest.  However when I learned of the plight Feminist Frequency author [...]
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Celebrity Photo Leak: Sexism Surfaced

Tweet August just couldn’t end on a good note. After the severely troubling and still continuing issues in Ferguson, the internet ran amok with nude photos – stolen photos – of multiple celebrities, a crime that swept the front pages of every news site I’ve come across and filled my twitter feed with responses ranging [...]
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The War on Women: Alive & Well

TweetIt may be the 21st century, but don’t kid yourselves: the war on women is alive and well. And it’s about time that we stop ignoring it. Of course, the majority of people who read this will write it off as another “feminist rant,” or perhaps a list of outliers. But you see, that’s the [...]
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