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Glitter Roadshow & Grit are the Heels on Wheels’ Agenda

TweetOriginally posted here. by Damien Luxe, co-producer Heels on Wheels “Wait…they expected STRIPPERS?” The glares from the audience confirm that whatever they expected, this North Carolina lesbian bar audience is not happy with our fully-clothed arts. In the middle of touring the first Heels on Wheels Glitter Roadshow, my annual all-queer-femme performance tour, we got [...]
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You’re not helping

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends. There is a lot of debate to be had about the best way to help a cause (don’t get me started on PETA). Sometimes people’s attempts to ostensibly help are near-inexplicable. This week’s news offered a few head-scratchers. This week in you’re not helping: RAINN isn’t helping sexual assault [...]
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10 Things You Never Thought You Could Learn from Kim Hall’s Letter to Teenage Girls

TweetKimberley Hall is a mom who wrote a blog post in the form of a letter to her sons’ female friends who were posting sexual pictures of themselves on social media outlets. This letter went viral. I posted it on my Facebook account and I have never received such a huge response to a post [...]
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How To Approach Me

TweetDO NOT: Approach me as some puzzle to be solved, test to be passed, game to be played, system to be hacked, land to be conquered, object to be possessed, or (to simplify/generalize) thing to be acted upon in order to achieve some result. I am not a chat bot which will dish out flirtation [...]
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My “Gender Re-Education”

TweetI was raised in an affluent, white, suburban school district. I grew up with the makings of the quintessential American lifestyle; a middle-class nuclear family, 2 sisters, a dog. My school (MASH) had a football team, music programs and an abundance of educational and after-school activities. But in spite of all the privileges offered in [...]
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