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Get Your MITT OFF my MUFF!

TweetBeautiful young women unite in this funny, provocative, informative and powerful music video to thwart the Republican attack on women’s rights and to get women to the polls in November. Tweet
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Is New Girl Getting Better?

It’s a show about how Jess affects this group of guys, not how they affect her. If the show was about how the guys affect her, it would be called “New Guys.” To her, they are new. She is only a new girl from their perspective.
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Sexist Brut ad banned – but not for being sexist.

Tweet If you aren’t aware of the sorts of adverts that are used to sell lad’s products such as Brut or Lynx then you’re a lucky person, it seems like they’re unavoidable these days if you watch television, read magazines or even glance at billboards. As soon as one sexist advert stops being aired, another [...]
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