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After dark

TweetI can still feel it in my chest after a night out. Between my sternum, where the ribs press against each other whenever I breathe out after a huge inhale. My lungs feel raw, my spit tastes bloody; that metallic taste of windsprints at soccer practice after your team just couldn’t defend. Thirty minutes later, [...]
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Debunking the myths of rape culture

TweetUnderstanding Rape Culture is a daunting task, for it is a concept that can easily be misunderstood.  The term Rape Culture refers to a culture that disempowers women by invalidating their desires and decisions, and brainwashes men to think that behavior that disregards women’s desires and decisions is acceptable.  This phrase has made its way [...]
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It’s a trick question!

TweetI live in a neighborhood that, when I name it to a new acquaintance, regularly prompts them to reply with some variation of, “Is that neighborhood safe?” or “Eeeep.  Do you feel safe living there?” I have absolutely no idea how to answer this.  I usually go all self-deprecating and say something like, “I guess?  [...]
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Language of 1000 Tongues

TweetI recently came out publicly as a survivor of rape on a Feministing guest post. After years of silence, where few of my friends or family knew of my experience, I spoke. The response was largely positive and supportive, yet the most moving of responses were those from other survivors who have not been able to [...]
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I can take a joke. Can YOU take a HINT?

TweetHi. My name is Laralee. I am a feminist. I am also a rape survivor. Many women that I’ve met in the community come to feminism after an assault. They want to know why they were raped. They want to know the sociological and psychological reasons for being raped, the reasons for the very existence [...]
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