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Thailand launches One-Stop Crisis Centre to respond to violence against women

TweetThis story was cross-posted from UN Women Bangkok, 9 April 2013 – The launch of Thailand’s pioneering One-Stop Crisis Centre by Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra on 9 April reinforces the continuing efforts to respond to and prevent violence against women and girls after Thailand joined UN Women’s newest global initiative, COMMIT. The One Stop Crisis [...]
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An open letter to pornography

TweetDear Pornography, We need to talk. It’s not you, and it’s not me. It is, in fact, them*. Similarly to the way nudity has been ruined by its brazenly fascist packaging in the media, as described a couple of weeks ago, in theory: you’re alright, Porn. You are not ‘wrong’. (Can I call you Porn?) [...]
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How ending violence against women and girls became my passion

Tweet Photo credit: UN Women/Laura Beke Written by Mwasapi Kihongosi. 24-year-old Mwasapi led a Caravan for Change in November 2012 – a bus consisting of 25 activists who visited five different regions of Tanzania over eight days in November 2012 to raise awareness and encouraging people to “Open Up!” and speak out against violence against women. He [...]
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2012: The year of rape

TweetI AM FED UP WITH RAPE. We live in a society where rape is commonplace, regular, and very frequently overlooked in the legal system (unless it is in regards to boys, which then receives overwhelming outrage, as in the Penn State scandal). We have an overabundance of reported rapes (and please note, these all occurred in 2012): [...]
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Feminism needs to include men to obtain equality for all

Tweet“Feminism will make it possible for the first time for men to be free.” – Michael Kimmel I’ve written a few posts in the past calling for  re-evaluation of the feminist movements action plan (posts here) because the way they are going about getting to their goals isn’t working. The feminist movement wants better lives [...]
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