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Am I a whore then?

TweetI love the idea of protecting our children. We need to. Desperately. From rape and sexual assault. From trafficking. From child abuse and intimate violence. Never from their own bodies. That is some flipped upside down, turned inside out and got it all backwards kind of s*** that teaches “blame the victim” early on. If [...]
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“Let’s talk about sex, baby”: Hook up culture and the beginning of open conversations about sex on campus

Tweet The night always begins innocently enough. A young, college-age girl with beautiful blonde hair and an innocent smile enters a crowded party with her group of similarly attractive young friends. Smoke clouds the air and loud music throbs from nearby speakers. Sweating, drunken bodies press together, moving to the beat of the music. For [...]
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Displaced Ownership of Female Sexuality: The Case of the Purity Ball

TweetFrom virginity to marriage, we’ve historically witnessed the displaced ownership of women’s sexualities. Girls across the country participate in “purity balls” where they dress to the nines to pledge their virginities to their fathers. I wanted to write a piece critically assessing these purity balls, since they are an important part of our discussion of [...]
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Ignorance breeds violence

Tweet Cross Posted from Civilized Notions. As a member of a society that is compelled to label all humans like inanimate products on grocery store shelves, I define myself as a middle-aged, cissexual woman, and with that title comes no particular insight or expertise surrounding the topics of gender or gender identity. My thoughts are [...]
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The big sis guide to the Big O

TweetNow I know most people will think that orgasms are one thing that need no explanation. But the truth is, when I first experienced the Big O, I…didn’t really know it. I am well aware that makes me sound like an absolute idiot but it’s true. I don’t know about anyone else but a lifetime [...]
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