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The Feminist Brand

Tweet A SYTYCB entry Feminism has a branding problem. It is not a new or surprising problem, but it needs to be addressed and, hopefully, fixed. Feminism is complicated. Feminism has a lot of grey area. It has a rich and complex history and, like many movements, it is struggling to become more inclusive. We have [...]
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Provocative. adj. Outdated, old-fashioned, obsolete

Tweet  A SYTYCB entry A much-rehearsed debate: someone says that if a woman is wearing ‘provocative’ clothing when she’s raped, then she is in some way responsible for what happened to her. No, says someone else, a woman can wear what she likes, men aren’t animals who are unable to control themselves at the sight [...]
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Women who are sexually active are not ‘sluts’: stop trying to silence us!

TweetWhen Rush Limbaugh called Sandra Fluke a slut for standing up for the reproductive rights of women and access to affordable oral contraception, like many feminists I was, of course, furious. But the more I’ve thought about it, and I’ve stewed over it a lot the past couple of weeks, the more I shift my [...]
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The Scarlet A+ and SlutWalk NYC 2011

I walked out the door that morning dressed as Hester Prynne---the heroine of the Nathaniel Harthorne novel, The Scarlet Letter.
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Signs from SlutWalk NYC 2011

I had a great time at SlutWalk NYC and I wanted to share with my favorite protest signs.
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