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Boys will be boys

Tweet“Smile, baby.” “What you so angry about?” I walk down the street and am told how to act. What to do. What to suck. I’m uncomfortable. I’m humiliated. I’m fearful. Tweet
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TweetThis past week, I’ve been asked the same question by three different sources, phrased three different ways, requiring three different (but ultimately the same) responses. I thought, given that I’m so *passionate* about the issue-at-hand, I would address it here. So what is the question, you ask? Oh, you didn’t ask? Well, I’m about to go there, [...]
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Not Sweeping Sexual Assault Under the Rug

TweetThere has been a lot of media attention lately about universities sweeping rape/sexual assault under the proverbial rug.  I coordinate the Respect Program in Emory University’s Office of Health Promotion, and our mission is to engage the Emory community to prevent and respond to sexual assault and relationship violence. I want to address the nuances [...]
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Sex work: Part II (It’s political)

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry It’s been quite some time since I wrote about my personal relationship with sex work on my personal blog. Our relationship went on for eight years. But a couple of years ago, after I survived an exceptionally dangerous situation I promised myself I would never put myself in, I decided to [...]
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Understanding the Crazy Woman: Schizophrenia in Feminist Social Change Models

Tweet A SYTYCB entry As a social worker and a queer, feminist woman, my passionate engagement with issues of mental illness has numerous roots. This post is most immediately a reaction to recent conversations with friends wherein these (otherwise very aware, inclusive, sometimes even social-worker) folks surprised me with oblivious use of the term “crazy.” [...]
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