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Will Crowdfunding Propel Our Female Scientists?

Tweet Coral reefs everywhere are waiting for Alexis to meet the Zeiss. The Zeiss Ultra55 is an electron microscope and Alexis Weinnig is a 25-year old marine scientist specializing in coral conservation. They haven’t met yet, and that’s pretty bizarre because Alexis works on uncovering the elemental composition of corals, a procedure that relies on [...]
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Artist as Entrepreneur: Katy Rubin

Tweet Find out how Katy Rubin, Founder of Theatre of the Oppressed NYC, was able to marry her artistic side with her entrepreneurial side by enrolling in and graduating from New York City Economic Development Corporation and NYFA’s Artist as Entrepreneur Boot Camp. It’s a fascinating story of how, with training and mentoring, art and [...]
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Elitism, Sexism, And Meritocracy in Silicon Valley

Tweet[NOTE: This was also published on my blog at joandelilah.com] I want to talk a little-bit about Silicon Valley. Ive been here 9 months now, which is, I think, enough time to generate an opinion- and being me, of course I’m going to share that opinion. First, some background: the idea for this post came [...]
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Not so subtle discrimination in the startup community.

On June 3rd a new startup accelerator, FounderFuel launched. The group, located in Montreal, Canada, but funding startups internationally launched with 85 members, but not one woman. “At FounderFuel we believe startup success is more about the people than the idea. We take a lot of care in choosing the smartest and most resourceful, dedicated and passionate people we can find.” It seems that those are men. Even men involved in the startup scene noticed. David Crow, cofounder of Influitive Corporation, posted on Startup North that he was disappointed that so few women were participating at FounderFuel and and GrowLab, a Vancouver startup accelerator with a single female team member.
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