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The Kids Aren’t Alright

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry I remember listening to “I Want It That Way” the minute news of Columbine broke. I’ll forever associate the song with that deep confusion, sadness, and desire to know why? that went through my 4th grade mind. I was in 7th grade when a few 8th graders threatened to bring guns [...]
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When the pro-choice movement perpetuates abortion stigma

TweetCross-posted from the Abortion Gang. Last week I had the privilege of participating in a panel called Demystifying Abortion, an event that aimed to shift the conversation away from the politics of abortion into the day to day reality of reproductive health care provision here in NYC. I was on the panel representing NYAAF, the abortion [...]
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The NYT whips up more moral agonizing about women’s reproductive rights – enough!

In her Aug 10 NYTimes Magazine article, Ruth Padawar is caught up in the same unscientific thinking that leads so many to believe abortion is – or should be – an agonizing decision, or a decision that should be denied to women outright.
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