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How To Approach Me

TweetDO NOT: Approach me as some puzzle to be solved, test to be passed, game to be played, system to be hacked, land to be conquered, object to be possessed, or (to simplify/generalize) thing to be acted upon in order to achieve some result. I am not a chat bot which will dish out flirtation [...]
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Misogyny at home in South Asia

TweetAm I home?  Yet I find myself disjointed.  What is a place that rips off my …  The horror that open air cannot be accessed without permission  Permission denied  The demons outside my four walls that jeer, leer   And boil my core  If home is where I burn, then where do I breathe?  Amidst a [...]
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When my being a woman wasn’t defined as “not man”

TweetI recently had the privilege of speaking at a feminist conference in Zagreb organized by CESI, the Center for Education, Counseling and Research, a human rights-oriented non-governmental organization that has a strong women’s rights focus. Like any type-A-personality international traveler, I researched things to do and see in the city, as well as traveling conditions [...]
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Blogging on street harassment: Sharing stories, spurring action

TweetOn Saturday, the homepage of CNN – the second most popular internet news outlet in America – featured a detailed piece on street harassment and sexual violence. All too often, the threat posed by street harassment is downplayed, referred to as a “compliment” or simply dismissed as just “how it is.” But CNN reporter Emily Smith recounts stories by two [...]
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When standing up to sexual harassment makes you a b*tch

TweetI recently enjoyed my lunch break by picking up books at MLK Library, located in Gallery Place/Chinatown in Northwest DC.  A few steps after I left MLK to return to work, an older man walked briskly toward me on the sidewalk, pointing his finger as he approached. “You’re sexy,” he said, continuing to point at [...]
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