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Ode to the man who catcalls me as I walk down the street

TweetOh what a miserable man are you Just shut your mouth for a second or two   You think yourself so droll but really you’re just an asshole. Tweet
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“But we can’t do it alone, we need everyone…” Gay rights, “slut” othering, and pizza…?

TweetJoel Diaz, your opinion on Huffpost got me thinking a little, well a lot, about oppression, and queerness­­–oh, I apologize, I mean ”equality.” Not as much as the shock you felt when you almost had your night ruined and your pizza taken away by a “bigoted” “oppressor,” but I too was shocked. Well, okay, at first [...]
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Welcome to the City

TweetI recently just graduated from college and was fortunate enough to obtain a worth while job which relocated me to Atlanta, GA. I’ve never truly lived in a city before, especially on my own, and I was naturally excited by the idea of new adventures in a much more diverse environment than my childhood home. [...]
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Just A Smack On The Ass: A Tale Of Sexual Assault, Vengeance And Nervous Swearing

TweetBy Robyn Shepherd, ACLU Last month, the ACLU’s Louise Melling blogged about how street harassment shames and humiliates women, and is underreported because of the stigma attached to it. While that blog was making the editing rounds here at the office, I shared my own story of how I dealt with a particularly obnoxious harasser, [...]
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No, I Won’t Listen – Is That a Problem?

TweetA strange and interesting trend has emerged from my life experiences. I wouldn’t have noticed it unless there were several incidents where a similar uncomfortable event occurred, leaving me feeling desperate, scared and confused. It’s odd and probably doesn’t mean much, except that I have gotten to the point where I am enraged and I want it to [...]
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