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Taylor Swift and the message she sends to the young women of today

TweetBefore I even begin this post, let me just say I do not wish to “bash” or hate on Miss Swift. I’m sure she’s a wonderful human being and I respect her for becoming so successful at such a young age. However, the message she is sending to her demographic of fans (10-18 year old [...]
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How Taylor Swift’s “I Knew You Were Trouble” illustrates rape culture

TweetAs part of the publicity for her upcoming album “Red”, pop artist Taylor Swift has released a series of singles, the most recent of which is “I Knew You Were Trouble.” The song combines pop sensibilities with a techno beat, and so far its success is notable. The lyrics present a problem, though. I’ll be [...]
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‘Speak Now’: Defending Taylor Swift and Pop Music

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry I have to ask: Can we all agree to stop making fun of Taylor Swift? Please, and thank you. Last week Taylor Swift released the song “We are Never Ever Getting Back Together“, the first single from her upcoming album, “Red.” With the single comes new hashings of the same argument. [...]
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