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Not so subtle discrimination in the startup community.

On June 3rd a new startup accelerator, FounderFuel launched. The group, located in Montreal, Canada, but funding startups internationally launched with 85 members, but not one woman. “At FounderFuel we believe startup success is more about the people than the idea. We take a lot of care in choosing the smartest and most resourceful, dedicated and passionate people we can find.” It seems that those are men. Even men involved in the startup scene noticed. David Crow, cofounder of Influitive Corporation, posted on Startup North that he was disappointed that so few women were participating at FounderFuel and and GrowLab, a Vancouver startup accelerator with a single female team member.
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Ethical Technology: Is your phone/laptop/gaming system made of conflict metals?

TweetDear fellow lady-geeks and gamers, I was alerted to this issue when a friend who posted about how “Video games DO kill people, just not the way you think” on his blog, discussing how some tech companies are actively working to reduce the amount of conflict metals that are being used in their products – [...]
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Electronic dating violence among teens

TweetGizmodo recently wrote a post about electronics and violence from the results of a survey conducted by the Cyberbullying Research Center. The Cyberbullying Research Center is interested in better understanding and promoting the concept of “electronic dating violence.” They define it as “emotional or psychological harm in a romantic relationship perpetrated through the use of computers, cell phones, [...]
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“Women in Tech” at TechCrunch Disrupt & Beyond

TweetSan Fransisco, CA—On Tuesday, at Techcrunch Disrupt, my colleague Amanda and I sat through a panel titled “Women in Tech.” In less then 30 minutes, I wanted to trade my lady parts in and disappear into the audience a dude. Disrupt’s “Women in Tech” could have easily been renamed, “You shut up. No, you shut [...]
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Perspective from a Geek Feminist

TweetI don’t start my day with a cup of coffee- I start it by reading feministing.  I’ve even set it as my homepage!  BUT I do sometimes get anxious about the lack of coverage about techy FLOSS issues.  Which is why I really appreciated a recent post by Geek Feminism : “There’s lots of feminism [...]
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