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When Things Go Haywire, Send in the Women

TweetI’m obsessed with female leaders and their portrayal in entertainment. Are great women leaders seen as ruthless? Sexy? Brittle and sarcastic? Or are they kind, but firm, leading through inspiration instead of intimidation. For me, creating a compelling female character is tricky. Too many portrayals of women in popular culture repeat outdated stereotypes or reinforce [...]
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6 feminist TV shows you should go binge watch now

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends. We have amazing access to so much culture right now that we can choose television shows that give us interesting, nuanced roles for women and compelling examinations of gender issues. When I get excited about a movie or a TV show, I like to evangelize, and I’m sure I [...]
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Orange is the New Black: More than “Caged Heat”

Tweet*Spoiler Alert* When I first joined the crowd and watched the popular Netflix series Orange is the New Black, my reaction was mixed. Yes, the first season accomplishes the goals of a television drama. It is entertaining, has an interesting plot,  contains character development, has strong dialogue, and inspires pathos. The show also provides insight [...]
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Occupy Carlton

TweetSwitched at Birth may not be on your great-television radar. It’s an ABC Family drama series about two teenage girls who discover, of course, that they were switched at birth. One of the girls, Bay, has grown up in a rich white family and is hearing; the other, Daphne, has been raised by a struggling [...]
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Missing “Downton Abbey”? Try Fay Weldon’s “Habits of the House”

TweetLet’s face it: you’re addicted. You can’t live without it. When you’re not actually enjoying it, you’re longing to savor it again. You’d be ashamed to admit how many waking moments you’ve devoted to obsessing about it. I’m not talking about drugs, kinky sex or even double chocolate layer cake. I’m taking about Downton Abbey. [...]
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