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On Being A Skinny Girl: My Experience with Body Image and Thin Privilege

TweetAs a woman, I face a lot of stress about the way that I look, particularly how much I weigh. I’ve been trained from an early age to feel like most of my value comes from being thin and pretty, and even though I’ve spent a lot of time intentionally unlearning those kinds of thoughts [...]
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Alex The Lion’s Guide to Positive Parenting

TweetMy brother’s just got his PhD in animated film which involved a lot of watching and re-watching pixar animation movies. I’m very proud of him, but little did I think that my two year old son would be following in his uncle’s footsteps at such a young age. So it has come to pass that [...]
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A note on thin privilege: Alexa Chung is not your friend

TweetAlexa Chung, the British fashion model turned TV host, recently gave an interview in which she responded to criticism she had received over some pictures that she had posted of herself on her Instagram account. The outcry against these pictures (which, for the most part, were really pretty innocuous, depicting, for example, an admittedly skeletal [...]
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