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Stop colonising Russian LGBTQI!

TweetRecently countless discussions about the life of Russian LGBTQI people are held around the world. While the organizers claim that they’re expressing solidarity, as a Russian trans* woman I feel demeaned and frustrated by these events. I read about some foreign activists and politicians inventing strategies how to “save” us here, but they don’t ask [...]
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Crowdfunding SRS

TweetAlice is an incredible young woman. She’s a Pittsburgher by birth, and she’s studying engineering in Japan. She’s faced harassment online and off. Her home university, the University of Pittsburgh, has passed transphobic “non-discrimination” policies when she sought on campus housing. Now, as she finishes her degree, she asks us to do what she has [...]
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On Moore, Burchill and those opposed

TweetFor anyone not yet acquainted with MooreBurchillTransGate (it’s catchy!), a summary of the offense taken so far reads as follows: Throughout life, culminating in Nov 2012: Susanne Moore takes offense at the fact that women continue to be patronized, under-represented, reproductively-controlled, hyper-sexualized, sexually assaulted, and are then criticized for being angry about it. Jan 8th 2013: [...]
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Respect isn’t a finite resource

TweetThe venerable Lindy West and Mary Beth Williams have both weighed in over at Jezebel and Salon about a recent back and forth between Suzanne Moore, Julie Burchill, and the public regarding an article Moore published last week about female anger, in which she wrote the following: “We are angry with ourselves for not being [...]
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The Sun’s Always Rising: Tom Gabel’s Coming Out

TweetThis was originally posted here on my WordPress blog. I recently talked about how punk rock and sobriety had a big effect on my life, and the appeal that punk had because of its foundational ideals of acceptance of all people. Black, white, gay, straight, fat, skinny – there wasn’t any room for to judge people over [...]
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