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Til death do we part: Data’s problem with gender

TweetThe recent whirlwind of support of open data has many, including the European Commission, governments and analysts applauding a new era of ‘Data as Culture,’ where individual and collective data shadows track, stalk and cloak us throughout our lives. From the time we are born, we receive countless involuntary yet socially-necessary data assignments — from [...]
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Queer bodies in the public and private spheres

TweetHistorically, the transgender community has experienced discrimination in the public and private spheres. In American culture today the queer community encounter patriarchy everywhere. Its deafening grips still cling to the institutions and language in which it thrives in. In the private sphere the “coming out” politics have shaped the queer family experience. In the public [...]
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Depathologizing gender diversity in ICD-11

TweetThe new 11th release of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is coming soon. Diagnoses related to gender variance are those that are likely to be altered in this version. Despite wide acceptance among trans* community that these diagnoses must be changed, there’s a big diversity in opinions on how exactly this should be done. So, [...]
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Stop colonising Russian LGBTQI!

TweetRecently countless discussions about the life of Russian LGBTQI people are held around the world. While the organizers claim that they’re expressing solidarity, as a Russian trans* woman I feel demeaned and frustrated by these events. I read about some foreign activists and politicians inventing strategies how to “save” us here, but they don’t ask [...]
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Crowdfunding SRS

TweetAlice is an incredible young woman. She’s a Pittsburgher by birth, and she’s studying engineering in Japan. She’s faced harassment online and off. Her home university, the University of Pittsburgh, has passed transphobic “non-discrimination” policies when she sought on campus housing. Now, as she finishes her degree, she asks us to do what she has [...]
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