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Joe Stevens: Queer Culture, Female Roots and Making Music as a Trans Man

TweetI suspect I’ll always remember when I met Joe Stevens… well, I will not technicallymeet him until Sept. 25, when he performs in Pittsburgh with Great Caesar and Night Lights. Formerly of Coyote Grace, Joe is one of the first openly transgender performers to contribute to the alt-Americana/alt-indie folk music scene. He’s performed with the Indigo [...]
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Transphobic admissions policies holding smith back

TweetI graduated from Smith College in 2009 on a rainy, humid day in May. Many of us wore our white dresses required for Ivy Day under our graduation gowns, and were a strange mixture of elated and cranky. We had earned a diploma from what was surely the best women’s college around. Some of us, [...]
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Depathologizing gender diversity in ICD-11

TweetThe new 11th release of International Classification of Diseases (ICD) is coming soon. Diagnoses related to gender variance are those that are likely to be altered in this version. Despite wide acceptance among trans* community that these diagnoses must be changed, there’s a big diversity in opinions on how exactly this should be done. So, [...]
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Ignorance breeds violence

Tweet Cross Posted from Civilized Notions. As a member of a society that is compelled to label all humans like inanimate products on grocery store shelves, I define myself as a middle-aged, cissexual woman, and with that title comes no particular insight or expertise surrounding the topics of gender or gender identity. My thoughts are [...]
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“Bones” and its treatment of a transgender murder victim

TweetAlthough a huge fan of the TV series Bones, when I first came across the episode entitled “The He in the She”, I became a little worried. The television and film industry is notorious for handling trans characters in a way that is nowhere near sensitive or courteous; in fact, many people do not even [...]
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