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Ignorance breeds violence

Tweet Cross Posted from Civilized Notions. As a member of a society that is compelled to label all humans like inanimate products on grocery store shelves, I define myself as a middle-aged, cissexual woman, and with that title comes no particular insight or expertise surrounding the topics of gender or gender identity. My thoughts are [...]
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“Bones” and its treatment of a transgender murder victim

TweetAlthough a huge fan of the TV series Bones, when I first came across the episode entitled “The He in the She”, I became a little worried. The television and film industry is notorious for handling trans characters in a way that is nowhere near sensitive or courteous; in fact, many people do not even [...]
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To the Queer Kids of America: Amendment One is a Form of Bullying

TweetOriginally appeared on RoleReboot.org. This letter is to all the queer kids, the gay, lesbian, and bi kids, to the young adults who identify as transgender, genderqueer, pansexual, and/or androgynous, to the questioning kids, to the kids who were born intersex, to the high school and college kids in North Carolina and around the country. [...]
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Why I will be buying girl scout cookies this year

TweetI woke up this morning to an article about a young 14 year old girl scout who is boycotting her girl scout routine this year to try and remove transgender girls and women from being apart of girl scouts. It really hurts me deep down to watch a young person encourage transphobia and cissexism, such [...]
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This Holiday Season: Don’t Give To The Salvation Army

TweetNovember is the month of elections and the beginning of the holiday season. Now, with few exceptions, people who support LGBTIQ rights tend to go blue and those who oppose tend to go red. Blue and red happen to be the main colours of the two largest non-profit-thrift-stores-which-help-people-out, the relatively secular Goodwill and the religious [...]
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