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Healing unseen wounds in Mogadishu

TweetCross-posted from UN Women “I was alone,” remembers 14-year-old Hoda*, recalling that evening in January 2013. “My father is a police officer, and he was working that night.” Hoda was in the bathroom preparing for bed, while two armed men quietly broke into her house. A man of 75 years and his son then hid [...]
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3 Ways Feminist Music can Help with Healing

TweetI have spent the better part of the last five years trying to understanding how women use music to heal after  experiencing trauma.  When I was interviewing women for my book “Sing Us a Song, Piano Woman: Female Fans and the Music of Tori Amos” one comment stuck in my head from a woman named [...]
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PTSD: The futile search for the ‘quick fix’

TweetA couple of weeks ago I was asked by Scientific American to be a guest blogger on the subject of PTSD. The result is now online: “PTSD: The Futile Search for the ‘Quick Fix’. Preventive measures, like the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) are the only cure for PTSD.” For a while I’ve been researching [...]
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Understanding the Crazy Woman: Schizophrenia in Feminist Social Change Models

Tweet A SYTYCB entry As a social worker and a queer, feminist woman, my passionate engagement with issues of mental illness has numerous roots. This post is most immediately a reaction to recent conversations with friends wherein these (otherwise very aware, inclusive, sometimes even social-worker) folks surprised me with oblivious use of the term “crazy.” [...]
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The Seemingly Never-Ending Pain of Abuse

TweetThe first time my biological father hit me, it was a spank on the legs. The next time he hit me, it was a slap on the face. The next time was a belt. It ended up with my biological father’s hands around my neck, choking me; what haunts me the most was the look [...]
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