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“White Pride” and other racist myths: Reaction to the George Zimmerman trial

TweetNow that the George Zimmerman verdict has been announced, where, of course he was found not guilty, racist internet trolls are starting to show their heads. You might even find out that someone who you’ve been friends with for a while is actually a racist because of their opinions on this case. Although it is [...]
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Open Letter For A Mosaic Movement: Troubling The Water

TweetI woke up Sunday morning disoriented, angry and resolved. I found myself walking up Adam Clayton Powell heading to the Justice for Trayvon rally in Harlem on 125th Street. After hearing my comrades speak passionately, poignantly and powerfully, I felt moved to speak out, too. It was the first time I had spoken at a [...]
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I am Not Trayvon Martin: Empathy in Experience, Sympathy in Emotion

TweetWe all know “I am Trayvon Martin” signs are an attempt at solidarity and compassion. In many cases, they’re also the expression of similar embodied realities. “I am Trayvon Martin – I am at risk of random aggression and police disregard because of my race.” But as a number of online voices have pointed out, it is [...]
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White womanhood, protectionism, and complicity in injustice for Trayvon

TweetI couldn’t watch the juror who signed (and then lost) a book deal speak on Anderson Cooper last night because I couldn’t stomach it (that is privilege). To know that the reason George Zimmerman walks free is directly related to the cowardice of white women leaves me no choice but to acknowledge the failure and [...]
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September 25, 1957: 55 Years Later

TweetFifty-five years ago today Little Rock Central High School was integrated. On May 17, 1954 the Supreme Court ruled on Brown v. Board of Education and ended de jure segregation. The ruling was protested by civilians and government officials. The outcry from white Americans was violent. It took nearly three years to start implementing the historic ruling. It’s important to [...]
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