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6 feminist TV shows you should go binge watch now

TweetCrossposted at Of Means and Ends. We have amazing access to so much culture right now that we can choose television shows that give us interesting, nuanced roles for women and compelling examinations of gender issues. When I get excited about a movie or a TV show, I like to evangelize, and I’m sure I [...]
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What we talk about when we talk about abortion

TweetThe other night I finally had the chance to catch Obvious Child, the new film starring Jenny Slate. It’s been a while since I’ve seen a movie in the theater but I wanted to make sure I saw this one on the big screen–not for aesthetic reasons but for political ones. I want my money to [...]
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Singin’ the praises of American Idol season 12’s all-female finale

This undoubtedly sends a message to the recesses of girls’ and women’s minds that their bodies, whatever size and shape, are beautiful vessels in which they can do amazing things.
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Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf, and the Invisibility of Whiteness

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Let me be clear about some things. White people have a race. White people have various ethnicities. By golly, white people have a gender and sexuality, even when they’re white, male, and heterosexual! I know this disturbs the dominant worldview that suggests they don’t (and that when those “issues” come up, [...]
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Petition to omit rape jokes from future episodes of Family Guy

TweetBelow is the letter I wish to present to Seth MacFarlane via Change.org declaring why I think rape jokes should be omitted from future Family Guy episodes. After a little over 24 hours, I already have 50 signatures and a ton of hate-mail. The reality of rape culture is something people still aren’t willing to [...]
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