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Singin’ the praises of American Idol season 12’s all-female finale

This undoubtedly sends a message to the recesses of girls’ and women’s minds that their bodies, whatever size and shape, are beautiful vessels in which they can do amazing things.
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Jeff Davis, Teen Wolf, and the Invisibility of Whiteness

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Let me be clear about some things. White people have a race. White people have various ethnicities. By golly, white people have a gender and sexuality, even when they’re white, male, and heterosexual! I know this disturbs the dominant worldview that suggests they don’t (and that when those “issues” come up, [...]
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Petition to omit rape jokes from future episodes of Family Guy

TweetBelow is the letter I wish to present to Seth MacFarlane via Change.org declaring why I think rape jokes should be omitted from future Family Guy episodes. After a little over 24 hours, I already have 50 signatures and a ton of hate-mail. The reality of rape culture is something people still aren’t willing to [...]
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“Bones” and its treatment of a transgender murder victim

TweetAlthough a huge fan of the TV series Bones, when I first came across the episode entitled “The He in the She”, I became a little worried. The television and film industry is notorious for handling trans characters in a way that is nowhere near sensitive or courteous; in fact, many people do not even [...]
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Bitch Flicks Call for Writers: Series on LGBTQI Representations in Film and TV

TweetMost media only portrays a heteronormative world–often erasing gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender, queer, intersex, genderqueer and pansexual characters and relationships. In honor of Pride Month, Bitch Flicks, a feminist film and media site, is hosting a week-long series on LGBTQI characters and themes in film and TV. Feministing’s Maya was kind enough to give a [...]
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