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Social Media is So Anti-Social

TweetI’m 30 years old and I have been using computers since I was a toddler. I’ve been using the internet since elementary school. I designed my first website when I was about 13 or 14. I also ran an online zine on AOL at that same time. I’ve had my own domain where I host [...]
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Feminism: Connection & Progression (aka What’s Next?)

TweetIn the twenty first century, what, and where, is Feminism? There are close to 4 billion women in the world now, and the personal is ever political; that’s a buttload of politics. Are we still solid, guys? Would addressing you as ‘girls’ instead be patronizing, or more feminist? (I have many more questions, the masses. [...]
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On Moore, Burchill and those opposed

TweetFor anyone not yet acquainted with MooreBurchillTransGate (it’s catchy!), a summary of the offense taken so far reads as follows: Throughout life, culminating in Nov 2012: Susanne Moore takes offense at the fact that women continue to be patronized, under-represented, reproductively-controlled, hyper-sexualized, sexually assaulted, and are then criticized for being angry about it. Jan 8th 2013: [...]
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Steven Ertelt of Life News

TweetCross posted on Saira Says  I’m not a vindictive person. Nor do I usually put much thought into my twitter arguments after the fact. Twitter is a hodge podge of liberals and democrats. I’ve had some intelligent debates, I’ve had some downright nasty arguments with some horrifically uninformed people but this one really takes the cake and [...]
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TweetI think Twitter really ought to get some sort of disclaimer on its site. A mandatory Terms and Agreements page that prepares you for the experience; WARNING: You are about to witness some extremely i’gnant shit.  So when that moment comes and you find yourself staring at your timeline in a blank stupor and suffer [...]
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