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Help put an end to the unauthorized posting of nude/intimate material

TweetI, like hundreds of thousands of others out there right now, am currently victim to an ex-boyfriend posting nude photos of me all over the internet, under my full name. My story is the same as most: I trusted someone that I thought I was in love with, and he betrayed that trust. Do I admit [...]
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“Living Young,and Wild and Free……well if your a man!”

TweetGoing to College parties in the middle of the summer is just protocol for most teenage girls and boys my age. I can assure you no matter what country your from College parties all contain the same coinciding elements of free alcohol, Loud Music and dare I say it Horny teenagers! But it seems that as we teenagers [...]
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Alma mater sponsors men’s conference with no women’s counterpart

TweetI’m a recent alumnus and so I continue to get e-mails from my undergraduate university. Usually I just discard them, but I got one today that caught my attention. Here is the body of the e-mail, for your consideration: Campus & Community Involvement (CCI) is excited about a new initiative and invites all male students [...]
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Ask Dr. Pat: Genital HPV and What to Do About It

Tweet Dear Dr. Pat, I’m 49 years old and had a diagnosis of HPV—human papilloma virus—four years ago, and my first abnormal pap smear at the same time. I had just ended a six-month relationship, and we didn’t use condoms. My partner and I were both tested for sexually transmitted diseases before we had sex, [...]
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Reform of Any Sort Comes with a Margin of Error

Tweet The 1961 Luis Buñuel film, Viridiana, concerns the pious exploits of a young nun who lives in a small village. Meaning to do good in imitation of Jesus’ ministry, Viridiana leaves the convent and decides to take charge of the moral education of the village’s paupers. Despite her best intentions, she finds herself exploited, [...]
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