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“Sexual Violence” – What the ESRB thinks you don’t need to know

TweetIt’s no secret that sexualized depictions of violence against women are disturbingly rampant in video games.  But why?  Why has the industry become so bloated with games featuring brutalized women in skimpy clothing?  It’s gotten to the point of becoming the default story-telling option for characterizing a “bad guy” or establishing a “gritty” environment. Gaming [...]
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Changing Pronouns in Video Games: One Awesome Dad

TweetIn Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker you can name the character after yourself. The problem is, if you identify as female, none of the pronouns are right. One amazing father figured out a work around for his daughter. Check it out here.   Tweet
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Pixelated rape, real misogyny

TweetWhen Anita Sarkeesian received a torrent of abuse in response to her Kickstarter project to research women in video games, it was shocking but not surprising. The harassers prove her point: sexism in gaming is a huge problem. The creators of the ‘Beat Up Anita Sarkeesian Game’ give strong evidence for this. Whatever anyone can [...]
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GameCrush : Where Boys Can Pay Girls to Play Video Games With Them

TweetOne of the podcasts I listen to on a regular basis is Stevie Case’s StevieFTW, where Stevie and her co-host Dan Taylor cover the world of social gaming and related events. This week’s show mentioned a new social gaming site GameCrush where males can pay females ( 60 cents per minute ) to play video [...]
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Women in video games – Metroid: Other M

Is this game offensive? I don't think so. Any disagreements are welcome, I'd like to understand.
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