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Dear Cosmo: Stalking is creepy

Tweet Originally posted to thelanguageeffect.org Note: A few days ago I wrote into Cosmo.  The intent was not to receive a response any more thorough than the expected generic, “We promise we read this, though we can’t respond to every email in our inbox.”  (I did in fact receive that response.  It was nice.)  The [...]
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The Human Buffet: A Poem About Rape

TweetThe truth is, Is that I was awake. It was my seventeenth birthday And I didn’t even have cake.   The truth is, Is that I was awake. As you listened for a snore, As you dreamt of your whore.   The truth is, Is that I was awake. I felt that touch I felt [...]
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Fighting the spirits, to defend and protect

TweetCross-posted from UN Women Photo courtesy of Monica Paulus Accusations of sorcery are widespread in the communities of the highlands in Papua New Guinea. Often for deaths or illness, for theft or accident, the cause is believed to be sorcery, with the villain more often than not being allegedly a woman. Protecting many such wrongly [...]
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It Shouldn’t Have to be This Way

TweetTRIGGER WARNING: This content deals with an account of sexual assault and may be triggering to some people. I have been quiet about this for far too long. At school, at home, out with friends, and even from my own family members, the issue of rape is treated lighter than I wish. A few times [...]
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Seen, Then Heard

TweetDamn, I look good. Crop top hugging my waist. Suede skirt dangling from my hips. Black leather boots with a three-inch heel; the perfect height. Topped off with a dab of black eye shadow for that smokey eye. Audrey Vardanega is ready. Leather jackets, short dresses, leggings, high heels, rompers, large handbags, dangly earrings, knee-high [...]
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