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Get Your MITT OFF my MUFF!

TweetBeautiful young women unite in this funny, provocative, informative and powerful music video to thwart the Republican attack on women’s rights and to get women to the polls in November. Tweet
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The Feminist Brand

Tweet A SYTYCB entry Feminism has a branding problem. It is not a new or surprising problem, but it needs to be addressed and, hopefully, fixed. Feminism is complicated. Feminism has a lot of grey area. It has a rich and complex history and, like many movements, it is struggling to become more inclusive. We have [...]
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The Cost of Staying Silent

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Until this week, it would never have crossed my mind that the words “legitimate” and “rape” could be combined into one neat little psychotic statement. Silly me! I should have known better. After all, we’re living in a country where politicians are trying to take away women’s access to basic health [...]
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This, Too, is War

Tweet A SYTYCB Entry Just today, I saw a statement online that tried to downplay the outrage that has come from the statements of Rep. Akin on “legitimate” rape by comparing this to a “real” problem – that of President Obama’s latest statement about a “red line” with Syria.  That, the statement I read online [...]
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The War on Women (or how the word ‘vagina’ scares the menfolk)

Clearly cooler than the war on poverty, the war on women's reproductive rights reaches new heights this month as Michigan joins other states in passing vagina-bashing legislation. Oh! And the word for female genitalia is also apparently prohibited as well. That is if you're a Michigan legislator. And you're a woman. And you talk too much. And it makes sense.
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